August 09, 2007

Beautiful Colorado

Byron and I took a trip to Colorado to visit Owen & Kim (Byrons brother and sister-in-Law). We stayed with Owen and Kim in their house in Loveland, which is very nice. You can see the mountians from their house, what a view! We went to Estes Park, Rocky Mountian National Forrest, Garden of the Gods, and the Airforce Academy. We go to see lots of wonderful sites, and we had fun spending time with Owen and Kim.

Let's Play Ball!

Softball season has came and went, here are a few pictures I took.

Illinois here we come

Grandma Chrest, Thor and I set out to Illinois for a few days. We had a great time, we worked on some puzzles, did some shopping, got our pedicures and just enjoyed being together! Also we got to celebrate Brittany's 17th birthday! Thor played with the kittens, well tried to play with the kittens until the momma cat scratched him by the eye. We had a great time and can't wait to come back to visit again soon!